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Online Casino Games at Wild Jack

Wild Jack Casino offers over 500 of your favorite online casino games. Choose from table games, gaming machines, other games, or poker games. Pick your game, and play for practice or gamble for real money.

Table Games
Combine luck and strategy to try and beat the dealer.
Come seven, come eleven, and roll those laughing bones.
Give that wheel of fortune a good spin.
Online Baccarat: It's not just for the rich anymore.


Casino table games are played with cards, dice, or the famous roulette wheel. With roots going back to ancient times, these traditional games of chance and skill have been updated for the 21st-century internet casino.
Gaming Machines
Reel Slots
Video Poker
Video Slots
Progressive Slots
The old one-armed bandit has gone hi-tech.
A perfect combination of your two great loves: slots and poker.
These slot machines have more reels, more pay lines, and more fun.
Progressive slot machines have huge jackpots that just keep growing.


Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in 1887 in California. He could never have dreamed that, 120 years later, hundreds of different slot machines would help make slots the most popular game in casinos and online casinos all over the world.
Other Games
Online Keno
Scratch Card
Casino War
Sic Bo
Play your lucky numbers in this ancient Chinese game.
You could be an instant winner with an online scratch card.
Enjoy a blast from your past with online casino war.
Try sic bo, the traditional Chinese dice game.


There are all kinds of nifty internet casino games that perhaps you haven't tried yet. So try keno, scratch card, casino war, or sic bo. Who knows, maybe you'll like them.
Poker Games
Online Poker
3 Card Poker
Texas Hold'Em
Pai Gow Poker
Try all the variations of the traditional American card game.
3-card poker comprises two card games in one.
Enter the Wild Jack Poker Room for this popular poker game.
Play your high hand and low hand against the dealer's.


Poker is not just a card game, it's a whole family of card games. With so many ways to go for that elusive royal flush, the odds are good that you will find a poker game that is right for you.

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