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Controlled Craps Shooting

Controlling the Craps Dice

In the game of craps, everything depends on the roll of the dice. If you could control how the dice turn up, you would, of course, have a big advantage when you play craps. Well, there are those who say that, with the right techniques and a lot of practice, it can be done.

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The Goal of the Controlled Dice Throw

When you play the Pass Line Bet — the most common craps bet — and you are rolling for the point — which is most of the time — you will win the craps game if you roll the point before rolling a 7. The object of controlled throwing — also known as controlled shooting, precision shooting, the rhythm roll, and dice control — is not necessarily to roll your point. It is simply to avoid rolling a 7.

If you can avoid rolling a 7, then you will either win the craps game or at least stay alive for another chance. If you can avoid the dreaded 7 consistently, then you are certain to sooner or later roll the point and win at craps.

The proponents of controlled shooting do not claim that they can always avoid throwing a 7. That would be too much to ask in a casino gambling game like craps. What they do claim is that they can reduce the percentage of 7s enough to gain a statistical advantage over the casino.

In totally random craps throwing, a 7 will appear on 1 out of every 6 throws over the long run. If you can control your throw so that 7 appears only 1 out of every 10 throws, that would enable you to consistently win more money than you lose at the craps table. That is the goal of controlled dice throwing and, of course, the ultimate goal of playing craps for real money.

How Controlled Throwing Works

There are a number of factors that go into being a successful dice controller. First is the "Set" of the dice, that is, which numbers are on the tops and sides of the dice when you pick them up. There are a number of preferred sets, with names like the Hard-Way Set, the 3-V Set, and the 6-T Set. There is also a Come-Out Set for when you actually do want to roll a 7.

Next is how you actually grip the dice in your hand. The three-finger grip and the axis-pincer grip are a couple of the popular favorites.

Finally, there is the actual throw of the dice. Some craps professional like to throw underhand, others prefer overhand. Some try to achieve a forward spin of the dice while they are flying rhrough the air, some want a back spin, and some prefer no spin at all.

Most precision shooters like to throw the craps dice in a high arc and to have them land just a few centimeters short of the back wall. Then they will bounce gently against the wall and, hopefully, land in the desired position.

No Dice Control in the Online Craps Casino

Unfortunately, controlled shooting is not an option in the online craps casino. After all, when you play craps online, you don't actually throw any real dice; you just click the Roll button and watch a pair of virtual craps dice roll around your computer screen. Nevertheless, even online craps players can enjoy learning about the different dice control techniques and joining the debate on whether it really works or not, and even trying dice control on their occasional forays into the brick-and-mortar craps casino.

In the meantime, they can enjoy playing online craps at Wild Jack Casino from the comfort of their own homes and using the normal craps strategies that are available.

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