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Casino War Rules & Terms

How to Play Casino War

Many people remember the card game War as their first introduction to card games. Online Casino War is an updated version of that old favourite game. The rules of Casino War are simple and easy to learn. The object of the game, as it was in traditional War, is still to draw the high card. The main difference is that your goal in Casino War is to win real money, not to collect more cards.

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Starting Your Online Casino War Game

You start to play a game of online Casino War by placing an Ante bet. This is the primary bet in Casino War. To place your Ante bet, first select your coin size by clicking the Plus or Minus button. Then place your bet by clicking on the Ante circle. Every left click adds a coin; every right click removes a coin.

You can also place a Tie bet. The Tie bet will be discussed later on.

How to Win at Casino War

After you have placed your bet, click the Deal button. You and the dealer will each receive one card. If your card is higher than the dealer's you win at Casino War and receive an even-money payout. If the dealer's card is higher, you lose your Ante bet. It's as simple as that.

The Casino War rules state that Ace is the highest card, followed by King, Queen, Jack, 10, down to 2. Suits are irrelevant. A queen of spades is the same as a queen of hearts, but any queen beats any jack.

In the Event of a Tie in Casino War

When you play Casino War online and your card and the dealer's card are the same denomination, the Casino War rules state that you must choose to either Surrender or Raise.

If you surrender, you lose half the value of your Ante bet.

If you raise, otherwise known as Going To War, a Raise bet, equal to the value of your Ante bet, is placed on the virtual Casino War table. Three cards are burned (i.e., discarded), and you and the dealer then each receive one additional card.

If your second card is higher than the dealer's second card, you win even money on your Ante bet, and your Raise bet is a push (i.e., returned to you with neither gain nor loss).

If the dealer's second card is higher than your second card, you lose both your Ante bet and your Raise bet.

In the Event of a Tie after a Tie

If you tie and go to war, and then tie again on the second card, you win the Ante Bonus. That means you win a 2-to-1 payout on your Ante bet, and your Raise bet is a push. The Ante Bonus is one of the most advantageous of the Casino War rules from the player's point of view.

The Tie Bet in Casino War

The rules of Casino War allow you, at the beginning of the Casino War game, after you place your Ante bet, to also place a Tie bet. The Tie bet is an optional side bet. It is independent of the Ante bet, and it may be bigger or smaller or the same as the Ante bet. You place a Tie bet by selecting your coin size and clicking on the Tie Bet circle.

If you have placed a Tie bet, and your first card and the dealer's first card are the same, you win a 10-to-1 payout on your Tie bet.

If your card and the dealer's card are not the same, you lose your Tie bet.

Play Online Casino War at Wild Jack

Now that you know all the rules, you can see that Casino War is a simple online casino real money game that is lots of fun to play. And the best place to play is at Wild Jack, the online casino that is Number 1 in 21 and in Casino War.

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