Big Scratchcard Win Game Variations Online

If your only experience of playing for a big scratchcard win was that one time at a petrol station back in the 90s, the exciting variations available online at Wild Jack Casino are going to surprise you. Of course, no matter which of them take your fancy, you can enjoy almost-instant winning chances.

In addition to the best scratchcard odds, those in our collection also offer you the stunning sound and video, as well as the smooth gameplay for which Microgaming is internationally renowned. Thanks to software compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile devices, you can enjoy the action offered by an old favourite that has been updated for the digital age anytime you like.

Vintage 80s Casino Vibes

Offline, the format used for the cards has remained much the same since they made their hardcopy debut in the 1980s. Printed on cardboard, one side of the card has 2 areas; one usually featuring a graphic or logo, and the other, the playing area. The box contains symbols that could match to award a big scratchcard win, and is covered with a removable coating.

Thanks to those in our collection, you can enjoy retro thrills and vintage vibes by choosing cards that have been designed to look just like their offline counterparts.

Adventures With Quasi Scratchcards

When it comes to quasi scratchcards, however, the variety is almost endless. Some are a variation of the traditional format, while others look nothing at all like them. Whatever they look like, those you can play at Wild Jack Casino still have the best scratchcard odds.

A popular variation gives cards multiple rows of smaller playing areas, which sometimes take the form of windows. For example, some games feature rows of 6 or 9 windows each. Every window hides a symbol. If at least 3 symbols match when the windows open, they will pay out. This means you can enjoy multiple winning chances simultaneously, all in the same game.

Other variations that offer you chances to play for a big scratchcard win include bonus features as part of the gameplay. Some may have a Wild symbol that can substitute for the other symbols, and others may have multipliers that can increase the size of the prizes you win. Other variations are set apart from traditional scratchcards by their themes and special effects. Some titles are set in fantasy worlds, feature strange creatures, and produce the symbols in unique, creative ways. This could never be done on cardboard, but thanks to Microgaming’s top-quality software, you can experience it right here at Wild Jack Casino.

Scratch and Win at Our Casino

If you are looking for games with the best scratchcard odds, or for titles that showcase how exciting different variations can be online, we are happy to recommend a few options.

If you’re a superhero fan, try your hand at Max Damage arcade game, or if you have a need for speed, go for Granny Prix. Find out if you will not only survive, but win prizes during the Dawn of the Bread, or experience Mumbai Magic, and you could land a big scratchcard win!