Discover Quasi Scratchcards at Wild Jack Casino

You are not likely to see anything like them offline any time soon, but here at Wild Jack Casino, variations of games with the best scratchcard odds continue to grow in popularity. Quasi scratchcards fit into the general category, but offer you unique gaming experiences along with chances to win juicy payouts.

Rather than having been inspired by the cardboard games of the 1980s, the scratchcards at our casino were inspired by video games. What this means is that the gameplay needs to be experienced to be believed, because, believe us, it is an experience!

We will do our very best to explain it, so keep reading, and discover the exciting world of unique games that offer you the chance of a big scratchcard win.

Find Your Favourite Themes

Like video slots and games, quasi scratchcards are available in an array of different themes. This gives you the chance to decide where the action is played out. You could find yourself enjoying the action on another planet or among the pyramids in the company of mighty pharaohs.

Other games may feature hot rod-racing grandmothers, sports teams, or the most unlikely of superheroes. The growing collection of games at Wild Jack Casino means you can always look forward to new adventures, thrills, and opportunities to get your hands on a big scratchcard win.

Special Online Casino Features

Some of the scratchcard variations in our collection powered by Microgaming boast special features that make playing them much more exciting. This is because the features the provider incorporated into the gameplay have the power to increase your winnings.

The most common bonus features in variations with the best scratchcard odds will be familiar if you have ever played video slots at Wild Jack Casino. The basic gameplay of quasi scratchcards usually requires matching symbols for a win. This means Wild symbols have their uses, and you can see them in action, substituting for other symbols to help create payouts, if you are lucky. Multipliers also feature in some games. They can multiply payouts you win.

Enjoy Non-Traditional Gameplay

Wild Jack Casino brings you quasi games that offer you the best scratchcard odds without the traditional gameplay. Rather than removing a covering to reveal symbols, you may need to do nothing more than place a bet and click the play button.

There are arcade-style titles such as Max Damage and Whack-A-Jackpot, as well as some that are sure to give you a few good laughs along the way, such as Dawn of the Bread and Granny Prix. Why not play them all at our online casino, and find out what each of them have to offer?

Best-Quality Casino Online Gaming

Whether you choose quasi or regular games to play for a big scratchcard win, Microgaming’s first-class software means the chances you enjoy are fair. The results of all our online casino games are produced by a tried and tested random number generator. What’s more, whether you play on computer or mobile device, you are assured of immersive, engaging action. Come play with us!