Sociable Thrills in Online Bingo Games

While Wild Jack Casino is known for being number 1 for 21, we offer many other superb games alongside our Blackjack entertainments. Some of the favourites are our Bingo titles, which bring the enjoyable elements of gambling and socialising together.

Learn the essentials of the game here, and then try out our Mayan, Samba, Electro and other Bingo offerings for real money or for no-deposit fun. The engaging themes and graphics make them even more enjoyable.

A Little Bingo Background

Like many of the world’s favourite games, the story of Bingo starts hundreds of years ago. A lottery run by the state in Italy, Lo Gioco del Lotto d'Italia, is the first known instance of the format. This started all the way back in 1530, and the game is still played every Saturday night by Italians who want to strike it lucky.

From Italy, the game format spread to France by the 1700s, and then to Germany by the 1800s. European settlers brought it to the New World, and it was a favourite at carnivals in America where it was known as Beano. This was where travelling toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe saw the game in 1929.

Lowe loved what he saw so much that he decided to recreate the game himself. He tried it out with a group of his friends, and one lady got so caught up in her excitement that she yelled out “Bingo” instead of “Beano” when she won. The new name fit perfectly, and it stuck!

Bingo Cards Get a Facelift

While the earlier games had just 12 or 24 cards, this was not nearly enough as they began to be used for fundraisers. Modern iterations have up to 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possible number combinations, or 1,474,200 ways to win every game. And it’s not only potentially profitable; the social and cognitive benefits have also been shown in many studies. Reap all the benefits in the best online setting possible when you play at Wild Jack Casino.


Bingo 101: Basics for Beginners

Whether on land or online, the point of these games is always to complete a pattern on a card filled with blocks, each of which contain a number. When a number is called out, players daub out its block if they see it on their ticket. The first person to create the pattern wins the game.

In real life situations, the numbers are drawn from a physical barrel and announced by a Bingo caller. At Wild Jack this is done using our certified Random Number Generator. You can play with as many tickets as you like, so as you get more practiced you might want to buy more and increase your chances of winning.

The numbers will be displayed on your screen, and as soon as you’ve created the winning pattern you need to hit the “Bingo” button and hope you are the first to do so! Activate the live chat option to interact with other players and make friends with like-minded individuals around the world!