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Wild Jack Online Casino for Canadians

Wild Jack Casino is an international leader in online blackjack. At Wild Jack, you can play over 50 different variations of blackjack online.
In addition to blackjack, Wild Jack has a full range of online casino games: card games, table games, video games, with progressive jackpots sometimes worth millions of dollars and many tournaments.
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Wild Jack Online Casino Games

Known for the best Online Blackjack, we also offer over 400 other online casino games: :

  • Online Blackjack: It takes a little luck and a lot of skill to beat the dealer to 21.

  • Online Roulette: Spin the wheel of fortune for your chance at the jackpot.

  • Three-Card Poker: Take 3 cards, 2 great poker games, and 1 fantastic online casino.

  • Online Keno: This Chinese lucky-number game is catching on around the world.

  • Online Craps: Roll those laughing bones and experience the thrills of craps.

  • Online Sic Bo: It has 3 dice, loads of betting options, and lots of chances to win..

  • Casino War: If you played War many years ago, it's time to upgrade to Casino War.

  • Scratch Card: The simplest casino game of them all can make you an instant winner.

  • Online Baccarat: It's easy to learn and fun to play this glamorous casino card game.

  • Video Poker: All the popular games: Joker Poker, SupaJax, and lots more.

  • Slot Machines Play 3-reel, 5-reel, and progressive slots. Over 200 games in all.

  • Online Poker: Test your poker skills and strategies against the computer.

Download or Instant Play

It is quick, easy, and free to download Wild Jack to your hard drive. We have often heard that some players prefer to play on their browser, without downloading. We at WildJack understand, so with players in mind and to save your hard drive capacity, we have reworked Wild Jack to accommodate all players. You can now play directly here at As you can see, the games appear on the homepage. You can do everything on the site itself from depositing and withdrawing to free play to playing for real money. We call this instant play and instant it is.

Blackjack Remains the Same; Yet Different

Whether you download to play on your computer or you take advantage of instant play, if you are playing at Wild Jack you are likely a big fan of blackjack online.

The basics of blackjack haven’t changed in centuries: players try to get close to 21 points but must not “bust”. Players go first and if they bust they lose no matter what the dealer does when it’s her turn to play. So blackjack strategy is primarily concerned with whether you should “hit” or “stand”.

The dealer’s up card often determines players’ strategy. At WildJack Casino we provide tutorials for all our games. The tutorials offer rules, strategies, and tips, plus some esoteric information about the games such as their history. The tutorials try to cover the wide range of variation that online black jack allows.

Dealer Must Hit or Dealer Must Stand

In blackjack, the dealer must hit with 16 or less and must stand with 17 or more. However, there are variations of blackjack online where dealer hits with “soft 17”: a 17 count with an ace counted as one. This rule actually favours the house according to most analysts so it is always a tradeoff for another rule variation that favours the players.


Playing online blackjack for real money requires the player to maximize his or her chances to win. So, if the player has a pair, she might decide to split them. Some blackjack online variations allow a player to split more than once. In some games, you can split any 10-point cards; in others you can only split pure pairs.

Doubling Down

If the player has 10 or 11 points it is often good strategy to double down, doubling their bet and receiving one card only. Some blackjack games restrict doubling down to 9, 10, or 11 points; others allow doubling down with any total.


If the dealer shows an ace, she might ask if the player wants insurance. This is a side bet that protects the player if the dealer has blackjack.


This is a situation where the player can give up his cards and lose only half his bet.

Dealer Peeks

In some variations, the dealer peeks to see if she has blackjack when she has an ace or, in some cases, a ten showing. If she does have blackjack, she shows it. This prevents players from splitting or doubling down in a hopeless situation.

Low-card Bonus

In some online blackjack variations, players get a bonus if they have five or six cards without busting.


In most games, a tie between the dealer and the player is a "push" in blackjack terminology; neither side wins. In some games, the player wins all blackjacks even when the dealer also has blackjack.

The Number of Decks

Some blackjack games use one deck whilst others use as many as eight decks. This is very important if you can count cards.

Counting Cards

The most successful system for winning at blackjack is card counting. This is much easier in games with one or two decks. Most of the variations of blackjack at Wild Jack Casino also allow players to control multiple hands.

For players who are counting cards, a game with one deck that allows multiple hands is the best game to play. By seeing more cards, you have a far better chance of making the proper decision.

Practice Makes Perfect

Wild Jack invites you to play blackjack online for fun before you play real money blackjack. Wild Jack Casino allows players to play in free play or practice play. This is one of the great benefits of gaming at Wild Jack Casino. Whether you wish to play real money blackjack or any of the many other online casino games for real money, it pays off handsomely over time to play in free play mode first.

Clearly, in a game such as blackjack or video poker or table poker, where there are so many variations offered, it makes a lot of sense to practice before you leap in with real money bets.

Table Poker

At Wild Jack we provide many variations of table poker. Once again, it pays to play in free play mode in order to learn the nuances of each game. In table poker, you play against the dealer but neither you nor the dealer can bluff.

Some variations include:

  • Three-card poker where you can play two games at the same time. One game is a solitaire poker game whilst the other pits you against the dealer.
  • Hold’em, the modern classic with five community cards. Many players who hope to play hold’em against live players learn the game first at Wild Jack. Here you can see hundreds of hands, all the while gaining valuable experience reading the possibilities inherent in having five community cards for everyone.
  • Poker Ride which has a progressive jackpot.
  • Caribbean Draw which also has a lucrative progressive jackpot.

Other Card Games

Baccarat had already enjoyed much popularity even before it was featured on the James Bond movies. Baccarat has an exciting twist: you can actually bet on the dealer to win. Many players think that betting against themselves is the best baccarat strategy.

Casino war online is becoming a very popular game at Wild Jack. It follows the famous children’s card game but it is quite exciting online in its own right.

Many More Table Games

We're proud to be a full online casino. In addition to blackjack, baccarat, and table poker, we have a large selection of other table games such as roulette, craps, keno, and sic bo.


As popular as the casino card games, especially blackjack, are at Wild Jack casino, slots are not far behind. We have hundreds of slots games. Our slots are provided by Microgaming, the leader in online casino games development.

We have kept around a few of the three-reel slots that were once the rage. Modern video slots have five reels and many pay lines. Some games have 243 ways to win.

Modern slots all have a theme or a storyline. There are literally dozens of slots game categories. Whether you prefer to play slots from one or two categories primarily or enjoy an eclectic range of slots fun, you’ll never run out of slots excitement when you play at Wild Jack.

Modern slots have Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols. The Wild symbols help create wins; they are often stacked and they often double or triple a win.

Computer Technology Shines on Slots

We are constantly amazed at the improvements being made in computer technology. At Wild Jack, we mainly get excited when our games look and play better due to game technology improvements. Cascading reels is one innovation that we owe entirely to enhanced technology.

Modern video slots depend on graphics, animation, and sound to attract and keep players entertained. Two examples will suffice:

Lucky Leprechaun is an exciting game with a 1000x multiplier. But it also has wonderful animation, graphics, and sound. You can dance to lively Irish jig music. The music gets livelier in the bonus rounds. The leprechaun wishes you an Irish good morning and speaks to you throughout, encouraging you on your trip through his island.

Sure Win is set at a racetrack. In the regular game, the background sound is a cacophony of noise replicating perfectly the sound one hears at a racetrack. In the bonus round however, you are feted to a rousing version of the William Tell Overture aka The Lone Ranger’s Theme.

Video Poker

We mentioned video poker as a game with many variations—we have more than 50 video poker variations at Wild Jack. Video poker is primarily a five-card draw poker game. The variations are usually based on the minimum hand the player needs to win. The payouts are commensurate with the difficulty of achieving a minimum winning hand.

Many online casino players enjoy video poker above all other games. One reason may be because the payouts are usually between 98-99%, making video poker one of the best ways to win money online in Canada.

Wild Jack Mobile Casino

We don’t have to tell you about the convenience of mobile in general. At WildJack mobile, you'll enjoy many of the same games you can play on your PC. The improvements in mobile technology have not only made your telephone “smart”; they have made gaming at Wild Jack mobile casino better than ever.


Wild Jack casino runs many promotions. Our famous monthly promotions are designed so that everyone or almost everyone wins. We also divide the month into four weeks so busy Canadians can play and win one week even if they can’t play in other weeks.

Wild Jack networks with all the other casinos in the Jackpot Factory Group so you can qualify to win promotions and many other benefits by playing at any of the 8 Jackpot Factory casinos.

Welcome Bonus Package

One of the ongoing promotions that has been drawing new players to WildJack casino is our package of Welcome Bonuses. The Welcome Package of bonuses begins when you make your first deposit. You get a 100% matching bonus worth up to $250. When you make your second deposit within one week you get the same bonus, 100% up to $250. With your third and fourth deposits the bonus is for 50% and the maximum dollar values are $500 and $600 respectively.

The grand total for the Welcome Package of Bonuses is $1630.

VIP Room

We invite high rollers to join the VIP Room. We assign a VIP Host to each VIP. Your VIP Host learns your life-cycle dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, graduations, job promotions, and much more. Your VIP Host will regularly pamper you with gifts, special promotions, and other great ways to show you how much we value your continuing loyalty to Wild Jack.


We at Wild Jack love to give away thousands and even millions of dollars to lucky winners. We have progressive jackpots in several games notably slots but also blackjack, roulette, and others.

The value of each progressive jackpot goes up until someone wins it. Three of our most popular progressive jackpots are for Mega Moolah, King Cashalot, and Major Millions. Mega Moolah begins at $1,000,000. King Cashalot regularly pays out in the high six figures.

Recent Winners

The progressive jackpots pay out huge sums but many more lucky gamers enjoy smaller, yet sizable, wins. Recently we paid $53,000 to ML who scored big playing Basketball Star; and we paid $22,600 to DG who scored whilst playing the ever-popular Thunderstruck.

Park and Stay for the Ride

You are always welcome here at Wild Jack casino. You can play for hours at any of the hundreds of games we offer or you can play exclusively at your favourite game.

You can play blackjack online for fun or you can play blackjack online for real money. The same goes for all our games. Our greatest desire is always to provide the very best in online gaming, for your entertainment and your gambling pleasure.

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