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Wild Jack Online Casino is for Everyone!

So whether your game is blackjack (in one of its many forms), poker, video poker, baccarat, roulette, or slots, Wild Jack Online Casino has something for you. Download, instant or mobile? Wild Jack Casino lets you manage one account across all platforms. Play for fun? Or play for real money? Wild Jack Online Casino lets you do both. Looking for a great welcome bonus? Look no further - Wild Jack's $1600 new player bonus cannot be beat! Got the picture? Wild Jack Casino is the place to be - we've got it all!
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Wild Jack Casino came online in 1999. Since then Wild Jack has maintained a leading position as a great online casino for Australia. As the term suggests, the fun of gaming at an online casino begins with…. games. Wild Jack Online Casino has many hundreds of real money online casino games and adds more every month.
  • Online Blackjack: Over 40 AWESOME varieties of single and multi-hand blackjack.

  • Online Roulette: American roulette, European roulette, and progressive Roulette Royale.

  • Three-Card Poker: 2 great games in 1. Play 1, play both, and either way you'll have fun!

  • Online Keno: Try your lucky numbers and you could win an ONLINE KENO JACKPOT.

  • Online Craps: 7 come 11 and you take the money home. Feel the excitement.

  • Online Sic Bo: Want to try something new? Try a Chinese 3-dice game: Sic Bo.

  • Casino War: This online high-card game is easy to play and lots of fun.

  • Scratch Card: Just scratch the card, and you can be an instant scratch card winner.

  • Online Baccarat: Online Baccarat is an online card game that everyone can enjoy playing.

  • Video Poker: Video poker combines slot machine thrills and poker strategy.

  • Online Pokies Nothing is more exciting than playing Aussie pokies online.

  • Online Poker: Winning at poker takes a little luck and a lot of skill.

Real Money Online Casino Card Games

Online blackjack has long been one of the most popular real money online casino games worldwide; it has made Wild Jack the leading online casino for blackjack online. Australians still love pokies, of course, but even here many players go to blackjack first when they frequent Wild Jack, their favourite real money casino online.

Wild Jack Casino has more than 50 varieties of real money online blackjack. Although the basic rules of blackjack are simple—players try to get as close to 21 as possible without going over or “busting”—within these narrow parameters are many twists in the rules of individual blackjack games.

In Double Exposure, players see both of the dealer’s cards! This is a big advantage to the players so the rules give ties to the dealer! In Super Fun 21, a player’s blackjack always wins against a dealer’s blackjack and a blackjack with two diamond cards pays 2-1 instead of the usual 3-2.

Wild Jack also has 20 blackjack games in the Gold Series. Microgaming re-formatted some of its casino games to take full advantage of the improvements in computer graphics. There are many games in the Gold Series, in blackjack and many others.

Blackjack Strategy for when playing with Real Money

The single most important strategic aspect of blackjack is that the player plays first. If the player busts he or she loses immediately even if the dealer later busts with a higher total. So, making educated guesses regarding hitting with 12 or more points is the essence of blackjack strategy.

Some players learn to count cards. By doing so, you give yourself better chances to make correct strategic decisions. Players who can count cards benefit from playing blackjack variations that use one or two decks only. They also benefit from playing multi-player blackjack where they see more cards. While counting cards will certainly increase the amount of times you win, especially when it was "close", but overall the truth that the "house always wins" rings true, as an real money casino (online or not) knows that people can learn to count cards, and as a result shuffle the decks and other precautions that limit the benefit that counting cards would otherwise offer.

Other Real Money Card Games

Wild Jack Casino has many other card games for your gaming pleasure.

Baccarat is a fast-paced card game in which you can bet against yourself. In fact, some people say that betting for the dealer is the best bet.

Casino War is another fast-paced online card game. If you loved playing war when you were young, you’ll love the online version.

Real Money Online Poker

You can play many different types of online or table poker. There are many online poker games that are considered standards in their category. Anyone who has played poker for a few years has likely played all of the classic poker games.

There are five-card and seven-card games. In some, only the player sees his or her cards whilst, in others, everyone sees some of every player’s cards. In some games there are community cards. The modern rage for Hold’em has made “reading” community cards a high art form. In some table poker games there are wild cards. This raises the possibilities for very high hands.

So, just within the framework of “poker classics” there is wide variation. But how many players have played Triple Action Hold ‘em Bonus Poker? This wild poker game is played with only 28 cards: 8-Ace of all four suits.

Pai Gow poker is another fascinating variation. In this game, both the player and the dealer are dealt seven cards. Both player and dealer must fashion two hands from the seven: a five-card “high” hand and a two card “low” hand. If you beat the dealer on both of your hands, you win. If the dealer wins both hands, he wins. If you win one and the dealer wins one, it’s a tie and you go on to the next deal.

Three-card poker pits you against the dealer. The dealer qualifies only with a Queen or better but, even if you have a poor hand, it might be sound strategy to “play” rather than “fold”. If you play and dealer doesn’t qualify you break even on the hand whereas if you fold outright you lose your bet.

Video Poker

Wild Jack Casino also has many variations of video poker. In video poker as in table poker the bluffing element is removed. Hard-core poker players may thrive on the chance to bluff an opponent out of a big pot but most poker players prefer playing the game without bluffing.

Video poker is essentially five card draw in which you play against the computer. The “dealer” doesn’t have a hand. The game revolves around the minimum the player needs to be able to win the hand.

For example, in 10’s or better, the player needs at least a pair of tens to win. If he has the requisite minimum hand he wins and if he doesn’t have the minimum hand, he loses

One of the fascinating aspects of video poker is that, even though it’s a game mostly of luck it has a definite strategic element. Video poker strategy comes in on almost every deal as the player must decide which cards to hold and which to exchange for new cards.

Many players love video poker because the payouts are generally the highest in the entire casino.

Real Money Online Pokies

Few Australians realize that slot machines, as they are called throughout the rest of the world, were originally called poker machines in Australia. Poker machines proved extraordinarily popular; their name was soon shortened to pokies!

WildJack has hundreds of different pokies. Cognizant of tradition and nostalgia, Wild Jack maintains a few old-fashioned “original” three-reel pokies. Now, most of the pokies at Wild Jack Casino are five-reel pokies with characters and symbols unique to that particular game.

Modern pokies have themes. The symbols all contribute to the atmosphere the game strives to produce. One of the biggest recent pokies hits has been Pistoleras which features three beautiful gun-toting women. Some feel that the women are law-abiding whilst others are sure that the women are lawbreakers. Such has been the appeal of this relatively new pokies that it has become one of the favourite pokies on Wild Jack.

Big Kahuna creates an entirely different mood. Big Kahuna is a tongue-in-cheek combination of holiday luxury on a tropical island with awesome displays of heroism. As you have already surmised, the player is both the holiday-seeker and the hero.

A type of pokies that has gained widespread popularity is pokies adapted from hit television series or movies. Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones are popular examples. The shows were so popular that it was a huge challenge to create pokies that would be fun to play whilst remaining faithful to the original story.

Jurassic Park brings the dinosaurs to life. You feel the danger they pose. It also features short clips from the movie.

Game of Thrones has everything a player might want in an action-packed pokies game. It begins with the haunting theme music. Each symbol is drawn with remarkable detail. The flags of the Kingdoms wave in the brisk Westeros wind.

Casino Graphics, Sound, and Animation

vintage online casino real money wild jack
Modern video pokies and especially the pokies adapted from movies and television have been successfully brought to the computer screen because of dramatic improvements in computer graphics, sound, and animation. The best way to see this for yourselves is to play pokies at Wild Jack Casino.

Real Money Mobile Casino

Talking about graphics, animation, and sound leads inevitably to talking about Wild Jack Mobile Casino. All mobile casinos face a challenge unique to mobile: the smaller mobile screen has not always been conducive to aesthetically pleasing gaming.

Two huge technological developments have contributed to the success of casino games on mobile. The first is graphics. Within this rubric we add animation and sound. The aforementioned adapted pokies could not have been developed for mobile were it not for the stunning new technology.

The second development is the quality of modern mobile screens. Definition on mobile today rivals definition on television of just a short time ago. As screen definition on mobile screens continues to improve all the casino games that already look sharp on mobile screens will look even sharper.

Wild Jack is now compatible with most of the dozens of mobile operating systems and can be accessed by most of the thousands of mobile devices, telephones and tablets, in circulation.

Many Platforms Offering the Same High Quality Gaming

It was always the case that you could download the casino to your hard drive. As the casino got bigger and fuller, a solution needed to be found for players whose computers didn’t have the capacity to hold the downloaded casino.

Today, the games appear directly on the homepage of the Wild Jack Casino website. You can deposit and withdraw money and play without needing to download. This is called instant play. Since it was introduced, instant play has proven extraordinarily popular.

Free Play (NOT Real Money)

This is not so much a platform as a mode of play. Everyone who joins an online casino does so because they love the thrill and fun of gambling at an online casino for real money. Wild Jack has so many games that no one should expect to be familiar with all, or even most, of them.

Free Play, also known as Practice Play, gives you the chance to learn the nuances of any game before playing it for real money. You aren’t limited in the amount of free play you can make creative use of.

Before playing blackjack for real money, casino poker for real money, or even pokies for real money, it behooves the diligent online casino gamer to play in Practice Mode just for a time to familiarize yourself to the game.

Casino Tutorials

We at Wild Jack also know that even after you’ve played a game in Free Play, you may still want to read a dispassionate discussion of the game. Game tutorials come under the rubric of casino games tips.

Casino tips begin with some very sound advice regarding choosing the best casino for your needs.

Wild Jack also advises players to take advantage of every offer the casino might make. Wild Jack wants your gaming to be as much fun as possible. The many promotions demonstrate our commitment to offering players many ways to play and win with the house’s money. Since the luckiest gamers win very large sums, we hope that you avail yourselves of every offer.

Wild Jack tutorials cover many games, from blackjack and poker to roulette and craps. In addition to the tutorials, each game has numerous pages devoted to subjects of interest to most gamers.

Welcome Bonus for real money casino players

One prime example of taking advantage of every offer made by Wild Jack Online Casino is our Welcome Package for new players. You can play with $1600 of Wild Jack’s own money.

For your first deposit in the first week after you sign up to play, you get a 100% matching deposit bonus up to $250. The same offer applies to your second deposit in the first week. On your third deposit, you can get a 50% deposit bonus up to $500 and, with your fourth deposit, you can get a 50% deposit bonus up to $600. It all adds up to $1600 of Wild Jack’s money.

VIP Room

One High rollers are invited to join the VIP Room. There they are pampered in grand style. Every VIP has a dedicated VIP Host who designs gifts and many other benefits with the VIP’s unique interests in mind. Family life-cycle moments are duly celebrated in the VIP Room. Births, birthdays, marriages, graduations; any special moment will find your VIP Host showering you with gifts and other great benefits.

The VIP Room is designed to treat your extra gaming with the respect it deserves. VIP Room members regularly receive special bonuses that indicate that we at Wild Jack appreciate your loyal patronage. VIP’s are regularly invited to participate in promotions that have been designed exclusively for them.

Wild Jack frequently reviews every VIP’s account so that each VIP can receive timely cashback awards. VIP’s can receive up to $1000 per month in cashback bonuses. This alone gives VIP’s an extra $12,000 a year to play the hundreds of games at Wild Jack.

Jackpots and Winners

Everyone would love to win one of the six or seven-figure progressive jackpots. As this was being written, the jackpot for Mega Moolah was $5.5 million; for King Cashalot $725,000; and for Major Millions almost $400,000.

Progressive jackpots grow to such high levels because they are networked throughout the many casinos that feature Microgaming casino games.

Most big wins are not in such rarified heights. Recently, JB and RM of Australia won $18,700 and $16,000 respectively playing Treasure Palace and Asian Beauty. Congratulations to them and all winners at the hundreds of games ready for you to play at Wild Jack Online Casino.

Jackpots Total