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Blackjack Emotion Control

Blackjack Strategies: Emotion Control

When you think of a card shark, you usually have in mind a steely-eyed, icy-nerved, cold-hearted kind of guy. And so you should. Playing a game like blackjack requires focus and concentration. It means playing rationally and logically and not emotionally. Which is why, if you play blackjack to win, you should check your emotions at the door.

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Staying Cool and Calm Makes for Winning Blackjack

The easiest scenario in which your emotions can get the better of you is if you are losing at the blackjack table. If you lose sight of your goals and let your disappointment or anger at the cards take over, you can forget all your carefully thought out blackjack strategies or, even worse, you can start betting uncontrollably in order to make up for your losses. Big mistake. When you sit down at the black jack table — regardless of whether it's a real table in a land-based casino or a virtual table in an online blackjack casino — you have to know that the cards can go your way or not. Prepare yourself psychologically to stay emotionally in control even if you lose. In the long run, staying cool and calm makes for winning blackjack.

Keeping your emotions in check means staying away from hunches and guess. Discipline is the name of the game, not uncontrolled partying. It sounds dull but nothing is a bigger drag than losing so keep that in mind. Playing with the blackjack basic strategy may be a restrained and conservative approach, but that's the way to go; playing by the seat of your pants will eventually only leave a big hole in your pocket of those pants.

Stay Off the Roller Coaster When You're at the Blackjack Table

A winning streak can be just as detrimental as a losing streak, if you're not careful. When you hit a winning streak, you need to remember to keep jubilation and celebration to a reasonable level. Going from focused to overjoyed in one hand will make you prone to mistakes. Playing real-money blackjack should not be like riding a roller coaster — you have to stay on an even keel to control your game. Similarly, when you hit a losing streak, you have to keep anger and frustration from getting the better of you. If you have to, walk away from the blackjack table to cool off and clear your head. If you find yourself venting your anger at the dealer, that's a sure sign that you're losing control and an indication that it's time to take a break.

It is generally easier to stay in control of your emotions when you play blackjack online. People usually play online blackjack in an environment in which they feel comfortable, where they can control the noise level and the pace of the blackjack play, and where they are not bombarded with all the unnerving stimulation of the land-based casino. Nevertheless, you still have to be careful. Even in the comfort of your own home, a losing streak or winning streak can set your emotions off to levels that are not conducive to optimal blackjack play.

A Good Blackjack Player

A good blackjack player is a cool and calm black jack player. Emotions can fog your thought process. If you're playing in a real casino, you can easily forget that strategy chart that you so painstakingly memorized if you let irritation seep into your brain. Whether you're playing blackjack online or playing blackjack on land, you have to remember that emotions are never your ace in the hole.

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